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    TiVo Stream 4K will launch with Sling TV as the preferred source for subscription TV We’re excited to be partnering with DynPro on the design, development and launch of the TiVo Stream 4K product and service. Last week at CES the company announced the launch of the upcoming TiVo Stream 4K™, an...
    Our trip down to the Digital Summit Dallas was an awesome experience to engage with like minded businesses, colleagues, friends and to learn from the amazing list of keynotes and presenters. Here are some takeaways that we think will add value to our clients as well. As you can see a lot of the...
    I recently did a software demo of a platform I was considering using for our clients. Overall I didn't feel it was a fit for us. The user-interface was a bit clunky, it seemed to be adding work, not increasing efficiencies, and it was expensive compared to similar platforms. The following week,...
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